United Church Women

United Church Women (U.C.W)

Fifty Trinity United Church Women meet at 1:30 p.m. on the first Monday of each month. Meetings offer a chance to enjoy a cup of tea with homemade cakes and a social time that includes worship, business, a guest speaker and/or music.

Trinity United Church Women News

Yes, Trinity UCW bakes pies, serves dinners and sews crafts. With these actions we laugh with each other, give to local and national charities, and include our hard working men.  

Remember to sign up for the Salad Luncheon! If you wish to go to the Ecumenical Dinner, please sign your name to the list on the UCW bulletin to the right of the kitchen doors in the Trinity Church Hall.

Keep these dates in mind. 

Dates for your UCW Calendar

March 21 – LakeRidge Presbyterial 6th Annual Meeting (Faith United Church, 9AM)

April 9 – UCW Meeting

April 16 – 37th Ecumenical Dinner 5:30 pm at Trinity

May 2 – Salad Luncheon

July 21/27 – National General Council (Trinity will be helping with muffins and cookies Friday – July 27th)

Our special charitable projects give purpose to our fellowship time. We concentrate on such activities as foster children, milk bag beds for Haiti, Food Bank, local families in need, dinners for special needs, hospital and home visits, and Outreach collections (glasses, stamps, Campbell soup labels, knitted mitts/hats) needed by people all over the world.


Guiding this unit, are women who each understand the guidelines of the U.C.W., the outreach and the importance of the role of U.C.W. within a church.


To raise funds for our charities, events as the Thank Offering Tea, Salad Luncheon, Bunwich Sundays, U.C.W. Church Service are fun to attend and organize. When our turn comes around we host events like Coffee after church, Presbyterial Meetings, Bowmanville Ladies’ Ecumenical Dinner and the World Day of Prayer.


Beyond our Trinity U.C.W. is the Lakeridge Presbyterial U.C.W. They also host special events – Annual Meeting, Fall Gathering and Spring Renewal each year and the Bay of Quinte Conference annual meeting, and Midweek Event. Our members are encouraged to participate and in doing so renew and strengthen their faith.


We welcome everyone who wishes to join us or just visit on occasion. We love to meet new people and will show you the many things that are happening in our church. Women of all ages are welcome to join our U.C.W.

United Church Women (U.C.W.) Purpose

To unite women of the congregation

For the total mission of the church

And to provide a medium through which

We may express our loyalty and devotion

To Jesus Christ in Christian