Trinity Governance


Trinity United Church is a people who…

RejoiceCelefoundation_logobrating Faith – Creating a worship environment which engages and encourages personal participation and opportunities for growth, we provide a varied and meaningful worship experience
for all who seek it. Deepening our connection with God through worship, we approach worship with the anticipation of God’s presence and guidance.

ReflectLiving Christ’s Love – Talking and listening, we explore our connection with God, our ideas of what
God is calling us to do and how God is guiding us. We endeavour to act as Christ would, when dealing with the issues of today, while remembering our history and traditions.

Respond Helping Our World – Recognizing the joy of giving and sharing, we take initiative, encouraging others and working together for a better world for all. Accepting God’s challenge, we foster an atmosphere of faith in action within ourselves, within our community and around the world.

RenewGuided by the Spirit – Continually Rejoicing, Reflecting and Responding, we foster a deep and growing connection with God. By practicing these three R’s, we choose a path with Christ, growing as individuals and as a congregation within the United Church of Canada.


The Constitution of Trinity United Church was written to fulfill the needs of the congregation and was based on the principles, intent and organization of the United Church of Canada as written in The Manual. Revisions have been made to the original constitution to meet the changing needs of Trinity United Church and to include changes made to The Manual. This constitution should be used in conjunction with The Manual of the United Church of Canada.

Download the Complete Constitution of Trinity United Church

Manual of the United Church of Canada (external link)


The following information is reprinted from the Trinity United Church Constitution. To view the Constitution in full: (Download the Trinity United Church Constitution)


The purpose of the Executive is to help the Council operate more effectively. Its main function is to co-ordinate the work of Council through planning, ensuring that congregational policies are being implemented through Standing Committees, and evaluating the ongoing life and work of the congregation.


The Executive Council shall be composed of those persons who have been duly elected/appointed by the congregation and shall include:

  • Chairperson of Council (votes to break a tie only)
  • Vice Chairperson of Council (one vote)
  • Secretary of Council (one vote)
  • Church Treasurer or designate (i.e. Assistant Treasurer) (no vote)
  • Chairperson of each Standing Committee or designate (one vote per committee)
  • President of the U.C.W. or designate (one vote)
  • Chairperson of the Board of Trustees or designate (one vote)
  • The Minister(s) (have the right to vote but will need to decide if it is appropriate to do so)
  • Presbytery Representative(s) (one vote)


There shall be the following standing committees of Council:

Christian Education

  • To be responsible to the Church for planning and directing the Christian Education program of Trinity United Church.


  • To be responsible to the Council for the management of the financial resources of the Congregation, exclusive of trust funds.
    NOTE: Sub-Committees: Facilities Management Committee, Catering Committee

Pastoral Care and Membership

  • To be responsible to the Council for the maintenance of the roll and for contact with and involvement of the Congregation.

Stewardship and Outreach

  • The Stewardship and Outreach Committee encourages people to give their time, talents and dollars to God’s mission through the work of the church at home and abroad.  It is responsible to the Council for coordinating and maintaining, as part of the mission of this congregation, programs that actively express its Christian faith in response to the needs of our community, nation and world.


  • To be responsible to the Council for the care and management of all Church buildings and land.


  • To be responsible to the Council for the planning and oversight of all Church services and the use of the Sanctuary.
    NOTE: Sub-Committees: Organ Committee, Altar Guild, Celebration Committee

Ministry and Personnel

  • To be a consultative body available to:
    (a) the congregation as a whole,
    (b) any recognized or functioning group of the congregation,
    (c) any individual member of the congregation,
    (d) the Minister(s) and other staff members.
  • To consider complaints or problems arising out of working relationships within the leadership of this congregation that directly affect the life, work and mission of the Church, shall fulfill the requirements of the Manual, and be guided by the Ministry and Personnel Committee Handbook.

Fellowship and Communications

  • To be responsible to the Council for the encouragement of the state of the congregation as a family and to initiate and plan appropriate activities to this end.

The Minister(s), the Chairperson, and the Vice Chairperson of the Council are ex-officio members of all standing committees, except Ministry and Personnel.