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Worship and Pastoral Care during Rev. Jennifer Broomhead’s Sabbatical: Sept. – Nov. 2019 

Rev. Jen’s sabbatical will begin on Sept. 1, 2019 and she’ll return on Dec. 1, 2019. A sabbatical (from the word sabbath) is time away from the regular routines of work for rest, renewal, and rebirth. For Rev. Jen, this will also an important period of continued ministerial growth & development.

For more information about this Sabbatical, click here [PDF].

Worship Services – Sept. to Nov. 2019

The Trinity Sabbatical Task Force has prepared a schedule of worship leaders for the Sundays Rev. Jen will be away. Some services will be shared with St. Paul’s United Church, both at St. Paul’s and at Trinity, some committees will be leading services, and some families have sponsored guest speakers for others.

Sept. 22combined service at St. Paul’s
Guest speaker Lori Ransom (UCC Reconciliation & Indigenous Justice Animator), discussing Reconciliation & Indigenous Justice

Sept. 29combined service at Trinity
Guest speaker Travis Dugas Bellerose – Indigenous traditional dancer, story-teller, motivational speaker and actor

Oct. 6 combined service at St. Paul’s
World Communion Sunday

Oct. 13 service at Trinity
Guest speaker Lynn Liddell (Licensed Lay Worship Leader) – Thanksgiving Sunday

Oct. 20 combined service at St. Paul’s
Guest speaker Rev. Deb Laforet – St. Paul’s Anniversary Service

Oct. 27 combined service at Trinity
Guest speaker Rev. Dr. Dorcas Gordon – Trinity’s Anniversary Service

Nov. 3service at Trinity
Guest speaker Jeremy Roberts, Trinity Pastoral Care & Membership

Nov. 10service at Trinity
Guest speakers Ali Barrie & Nicola Van Dam, Trinity Christian Education

Nov. 17combined service at Trinity
10,000 Villages

Nov. 24service at Trinity
Cantata (led by Music Director Michael Morgan) – Reign of Christ Sunday

Pastoral Care and Funerals – Sept. to Nov. 2019

Reverend Michelle Brotherton of St. Paul’s will provide pastoral care and funeral coverage during Rev. Jen’s sabbatical. She can be contacted at michelle.brotherton@stpaulsunited.com or 905-435-6356.

(Rev. Jen will reciprocate and provide pastoral care and funeral coverage during Rev. Michelle’s sabbatical in 2020.)

The Trinity Pastoral Care and Membership Committee will be continuing their work of sending cards, delivering roses, and visiting. Should you be aware of someone who is shut-in, in hospital, or in any way in need of a pastoral visit, please contact the Trinity office. Your request will be passed along to Shirley McLean of the Sabbatical Task Force/Pastoral Care and Membership Committee, who will arrange for pastoral care. If you would like to be added to the team of occasional pastoral visitors, please see Shirley.

Music @ Trinity 2019-2020

Trinity Choir…and more.

Please consider how you might support Trinity’s worship services musically; the Choir always welcomes new or returning voices – especially those of the tenor or bass persuasion.

If you feel a weekly commitment is a challenge, consider joining us for shorter term projects, like the November 24th Cantata choral service, Christmas, Easter or other to be announced projects.

But wait – there’s more! Starting in September 2019, Trinity Director of Music Michael Morgan hopes to start a Choir for Young People – some have voiced interest already, but perhaps there are more would be singers out there! Please email Michael at music.speaking@gmail.com to discuss your interest and help settle on a suitable rehearsal time!

Young People’s Musical Theatre

Michael Morgan is hoping to start a musical theatre troupe for young people. While this Troupe will hopefully build on a core group from both Trinity and St. Paul’s, the invitation to join is also there for the wider community. There are some excellent musicals out there based upon church school curriculum enlivened by contemporary storytelling and music – and what a great way to invite young people into the Trinity United Church community!

Music @ Trinity

Trinity will be hosting various musical concerts throughout the year as a means of fundraising. This might mean a concert by our choir and in-house musicians or guests from around the community. Be sure to look for these advertisements starting in September – if you know of any resident performers, please help Michael connect!

For any of the above-mentioned projects, please contact Michael at music.speaking@gmail.com or contact him following a worship service from September 2019.

Message from the Council of Trinity United Church

Being part of the life of Bowmanville in one form or another since before Confederation, Trinity has represented a constant tradition for many generations. Some traditions may have existed for the purpose of bringing us to this very point in time – preparing us for something new and exciting. Our community is expanding and evolving. Are there new traditions growing in our community at this moment?

Council works with our Minister and the devoted members of our Council committees to serve the community within our congregation and the community outside our church walls.  Our combined efforts have the potential to do the traditional work of the church and some different and emerging ministries as well.

Heather Morton, Chair of Congregational Council

Message from the Minister of Trinity United Church

It is a privilege and a blessing to be part of this spiritual community. It’s a place where we can go deeper when confronted with the everyday joys and challenges of what it means to respond to God’s call to be the church in our time and place.

Scripture tells us that where two or three are gathered in God’s name, God is there in their midst. It is my prayer that worship at Trinity provides everyone with a sense of connection to the Divine.

Quote from author Glennon Doyle:

Acting perfect at church is like getting dressed up for an X-ray. Church is home. It’s where I can breathe deep and be myself for God’s sake.

I love our life at Trinity, in all of its glorious imperfection. I am grateful that we are on this journey together.

With thanks and blessings, Reverend Jen Broomhead

Fear tears down, but love lifts up.

What We Believe at the United Church of Canada

To join the United Church of Canada, members are asked to profess their faith in the triune God – Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit – and to commit themselves to faithful conduct in the church and in the world. Accepting the Bible as the shared standard for our faith, members are not required to adhere to any particular creed or formulation of doctrine.

The Bible is central to The United Church of Canada. As a source of wisdom, personal prayer, and devotion, we believe that reading and studying the Bible can bring us closer to God.

Jesus welcomed everyone, whether they were poor, rich, or just getting by; ill or healthy; self-made or educated; popular or a loner; secure or full of doubts.

Jesus…crossed barriers of race, class, culture, and gender. He preached and practised unconditional love…and he commanded his followers to love one another as he had loved them.
(A Song of Faith, 2006, United Church of Canada)

Donate Online to Trinity United Church via CanadaHelps

If you would like to make an online contribution that will help us to respond to God’s call to be the church by serving the community within our congregation and the community outside our church walls, please click on the button below that will take you to the CanadaHelps web site page for Trinity United Church.

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For donors, they offer a one-stop shop for discovering, donating, or fundraising online for any registered Canadian charity. they process donations made using their site, disburse the funds to the charities and provide instant or anytime access tax receipts directly to the donors.

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