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17th Sunday after Pentecost – September 27, 2020

Online Worship Service by Trinity United Church, Bowmanville for the 17th Sunday after Pentecost.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Message to Trinity United Church Community Members

Return to Church Survey Update

From Sally Barrie, Council Chair

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey circulated early last week. We are presently compiling the results and replies to present at a special meeting of Executive Council on September 30.

Your responses will help us decide the plans for returning to our church building for worship for the remaining months of 2020.

The Safety Protocol Task Force will also be meeting early next week and their recommendations will also help with our decisions for safe return to the building.

As you are well aware, the new cases of COVID-19 numbers are on the rise across the province and while Clarington has relatively low numbers, the increase in cases gives rise to further caution and care with our decisions.

The hope is to be able to provide a clear plan by mid-October and we’ll be keeping you informed along the way. Your generous and consistent support of Trinity over the past few months has been amazing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and thank you again for your valuable input.

Sally Barrie, Council Chair

Friday, June 12, 2020

Message to Trinity United Church Community Members

From Sally Barrie, Council Chair

Dear Trinity Members,

Hope this finds you safe and well! The warm weather is here…gardens are growing and hours of daylight extend well into the evening and we’re all looking forward to making some plans for the summer.

Planning in a time of uncertainty seems to be our new reality. I hope you are able to take some time to plan and find a way to have special times with family and enjoy the summer days ahead.

You undoubtedly heard earlier this week that the province has announced plans to restart and reopen businesses and this includes places of worship.

Although this is very exciting news and we cannot wait to be together and see each other, we must act with caution and diligence to ensure that everyone remains healthy and safe.

To this end, Trinity United Church will remain closed. At the Executive Council meeting on June 10, 2020 a motion was approved to not consider opening before September 2020. 

Why, you may ask when the province has deemed that all places of worship in Ontario will be permitted to open with physical distancing in place and attendance to no more than 30% of the building capacity?

First, the United Church of Canada published their own guidelines for United Churches and these are separate from the province of Ontario’s reopening stages.

Secondly, and most important for Rev. Jen with full support of Church Council, is the safety of church members, volunteers and staff and all those we serve.

The safety considerations for re-opening our doors are huge and we must be accountable for a number of issues that we have never had to think about in the past.

In true United Church fashion, we have struck a Re-opening Committee. They will begin the process of looking at what steps need to be taken for Trinity to resume worship in the church building (in whatever form that takes) when it is deemed safe do so.

The Committee will begin doing their research immediately using guidelines for United Churches and the steps required to safely re-open in-person worship.

Members of the Executive Council will be meeting during July and August to provide input with assessment and eventual decisions on re-opening. 

Therefore, we will continue to enjoy our virtual worship services and pastoral care by means of phone or computer. Rev. Jen is available and she’s happy to return calls and answer e-mail or text messages. I really do encourage you to not hesitate to pick up the phone or drop a line to church members that you miss seeing on a regular basis. We are all missing our church family.   

Thank you all for doing your part to stay safe and if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Sally Barrie, Council Chair

Friday, June 12, 2020

Message to Trinity United Church Community Members

From Rev. Jen Broomhead

Dear Friends,

Well, this sure has been a rollercoaster of a week. Highs and lows, speeding up and slowing down, barely having time to catch our breath before taking the next turn… Sometimes all we can do when the ride gets too much is grab that safety bar and hang on with all we’ve got.

This COVID-19 rollercoaster feels like it’s on an endless loop, and we just want to get off. We want to be with our friends and loved ones, including those in our church community, so it may have felt exciting to hear the Ontario government’s announcement about opening places of worship. However…

Trinity’s Executive Council has decided to postpone returning to the building until at least September. I encourage you to read the message about this decision from our Council Chair, Sally Barrie. Our guiding principle is the safety of church members, volunteers, and staff and all those we serve, inside the building and out.

This is tough. I want so much to be zipping around the church on a Sunday morning, chatting with everyone. I want so much to be joking with the choir before we enter the sanctuary for the service. I want to be celebrating baptisms and Communion, and hugging every one of you. (Unless you’re not really a hugger, of course!) But. I want to do that when it is safe to do so — for you, for me, for our entire community.

Though we will not be gathering in the building, we will continue to provide virtual worship services, pastoral care, and the other activities we have been doing since mid-March.

This is tough. And so are we. We belong to each other.

Remember, please, that you can call, email, and message me anytime, if you need to talk or just want to say hi. You can also pop in to the Zoom Office Hours.

We’re in this together, and for that I am grateful. Always.

Take care, my friends.

Rev. Jen

Contacting Rev. Jen Broomhead

Rev. Jen:Though I’m not in the office, I am still here. If you are feeling anxious or lonely, please reach out. You can always reach me by email (revjen@trinityunitedbowmanville.com), or by calling my confidential minister’s study line (905-623-8212) and leaving a message. I check these regularly. We can talk and pray together anytime. And if you just want to say hi, that’s welcome, too.” 

While the church office is closed until further notice, the office phone (905-623-3138) and e-mail (gwen@trinityunitedbowmanville.com) are checked regularly.

Rev. Jen’s Zoom Office Hours

Tuesdays, 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.
Thursdays, 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.

Contact Rev. Jen by email at revjen@trinityunitedbowmanville.com or call her confidential minister’s study line (905-623-8212) to receive details on how to access this service.

Pastoral Care

We have a wonderful and willing group of phone visitors organized through our Pastoral Care Committee who are providing conversation and reassurance with telephone calls. If you or anyone you know would like a call, please notify the church office at 905-623-3138.

Called to be lights

Safely Donate to Trinity United Church during COVID-19

We sincerely thank you for your donations to Trinity United Church during COVID-19 and always. We rely on your support and are grateful.

If you would like to make an E-Transfer direct deposit donation, please contact Trinity by email at gwen@trinityunitedbowmanville.com.

Alternately, if you would like to make an online contribution that will help us to respond to God’s call to be the church by serving the community within our congregation and the community outside our church walls, please click on the button below that will take you to the CanadaHelps web site page for Trinity United Church.

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

Canada Helps – We are grateful for your support!


What is CanadaHelps?

CanadaHelps is a registered charity dedicated to increasing charitable giving across Canada. They do that by serving both donors and charities.

For donors, they offer a one-stop shop for discovering, donating, or fundraising online for any registered Canadian charity. they process donations made using their site, disburse the funds to the charities and provide instant or anytime access tax receipts directly to the donors.

For more information, visit canadahelps.org.

Prayer from Moderator

A Prayer During Times of COVID-19 – A prayer by the Right Rev. Richard Bott, Moderator of The United Church of Canada.

Message from Moderator

God Is with Us – We are with each other even when we aren’t able to be together. We are not alone.

A message by by the Right Rev. Richard Bott, Moderator of The United Church of Canada

Message from the Council of Trinity United Church

Being part of the life of Bowmanville in one form or another since before Confederation, Trinity has represented a constant tradition for many generations. Some traditions may have existed for the purpose of bringing us to this very point in time – preparing us for something new and exciting. Our community is expanding and evolving. Are there new traditions growing in our community at this moment?

Council works with our Minister and the devoted members of our Council committees to serve the community within our congregation and the community outside our church walls.  Our combined efforts have the potential to do the traditional work of the church and some different and emerging ministries as well.

Heather Morton, Past Chair of Congregational Council

Message from the Minister of Trinity United Church

It is a privilege and a blessing to be part of this spiritual community. It’s a place where we can go deeper when confronted with the everyday joys and challenges of what it means to respond to God’s call to be the church in our time and place.

Scripture tells us that where two or three are gathered in God’s name, God is there in their midst. It is my prayer that worship at Trinity provides everyone with a sense of connection to the Divine.

Quote from author Glennon Doyle:

Acting perfect at church is like getting dressed up for an X-ray. Church is home. It’s where I can breathe deep and be myself for God’s sake.

I love our life at Trinity, in all of its glorious imperfection. I am grateful that we are on this journey together.

With thanks and blessings, Reverend Jen Broomhead

What We Believe at the United Church of Canada

To join the United Church of Canada, members are asked to profess their faith in the triune God – Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit – and to commit themselves to faithful conduct in the church and in the world. Accepting the Bible as the shared standard for our faith, members are not required to adhere to any particular creed or formulation of doctrine.

The Bible is central to The United Church of Canada. As a source of wisdom, personal prayer, and devotion, we believe that reading and studying the Bible can bring us closer to God.

Jesus welcomed everyone, whether they were poor, rich, or just getting by; ill or healthy; self-made or educated; popular or a loner; secure or full of doubts.

Jesus…crossed barriers of race, class, culture, and gender. He preached and practised unconditional love…and he commanded his followers to love one another as he had loved them.
(A Song of Faith, 2006, United Church of Canada)